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Transform your practice with physiotherapy clinic software. Focus on patient care and eliminate 90% of the paper in your office with physiotherapy clinic management software.

Physiotherapy clinic software is a new step in technology growth.

Manual treatments are calling one of the most effective non-medical treatments as they mostly focused on a physical cure. So, physiotherapists are helping people to treat injuries through movement and exercises, which is appropriate for patients of all ages. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of physiotherapists` work can be damaged by the lack of required tools, because the software for physiotherapy clinic is barely used to help therapists in running more qualitative appointment. Many practitioners still fill out assessment forms on the piece of sheet.

Paper-based systems are unreliable, unclear, and can be easily lost. Many people complain about illegible handwriting when therapy plans are barely evident, and not all exercises for self-working are clear from the paper description. That`s why physiotherapy clinic software will help to create a precise treatment, which is stored on the app.

Physiotherapy clinic management software

This is a cloud-based platform for doctors to manage patients online.

Using this uncomplicated system automation, specialists can set online appointments within the appropriate time and date, manage each patient separately by giving him a personal treatment.

If the patient was treated elsewhere, then the program keeps his card with the treatment history inside.

  • Possibility to add a consultation fee and count the final amount;
  • Ensures less time in the waiting room for patients;
  • Easily track and manage patient appointments;
  • Instant patients feedback for pain identification, location, and symptoms;
  • And other more.

Physiotherapy clinic software has inbuilt electronic health records where therapists can discover assessment forms, medical history, concomitant diseases, which are useful when offering care to patients. Manage everything together and reduce the chance that important data will be missing.

We suggest trying a Free trial to test the software and see all the advantages as mentioned above on a practice.

What physiotherapists say about practice management software:

“ implements a very convenient and intuitive assessment form. Using it, you will definitely not miss anything important during the examination. The entire medical history will be stored in the Cloud application: you can return to its study at any time using any device. I can share the therapy results with the patient or colleagues just in a few clicks.”

Artyom Zgurskiy Physiotherapist

What physiotherapists say about

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