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Why your patients will thank you in using osteopath software?

Osteopath practice management software can help you improve your practice records, keep track of information and manage everything more efficiently.

Manage patients more effectively with osteopath software

Manual treatments are becoming more and more popular in reducing pain and increasing physical mobility. That`s why osteopathic manipulative medicine is widely popular as it helps to cure the musculoskeletal system with the help of stretching, massaging, and moving. Despite the vast popularity of osteopathic specialists, there are some technical issues they need to solve to provide better and quicker treatment. Not all practitioners are familiar with osteopathic software to manage patients, because many of them are getting used to paperwork and write prescription on the piece of sheet.

Paper-based systems are unreliable, unclear, and can be easily lost. Many people complain about illegible handwriting when prescriptions are barely clear. That`s why osteopath software will help to create a precise treatment, which is stored on the app.

Osteopath practice management software

This is a cloud-based platform for practitioner to manage patients online. Using this uncomplicated system automation, doctors can set online appointments within the appropriate time and date, manage each patient separately by giving him a personal treatment. Using osteopath scheduling software, specialists could manage each patient individually, having constant access to the treatment plan and progress online.

If the patient was treated elsewhere, then the program keeps his card with the treatment history inside. Osteo notes software has inbuilt electronic health records where medical history, concomitant diseases, treatment features, which are useful when offering care to patients. All in all, osteopath notes software will help to manage everything together and reduce the chance that relevant data will be missing.

Meet more other benefits of osteo software:

  • 100% web-based with quick access to patient and financial information;
  • Track and manage patient appointments;
  • Possibility to add a consultation fee and count the final amount;
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports for easy practice management;
  • Instant patients feedback for pain identification, location, and symptoms
  • Reduced time in the waiting room for offline reservation;
  • Email and text appointment reminders available for practitioners.
  • And other more.

Using osteopath software, practitioners could grow the number of patients by making your practicing procedures progressively effective and adaptable. We suggest trying a Free trial to test the software and see all the advantages mentioned above on a practice.

What specialists say about osteopath practice management software:

"RE-move helped us move patient service to the next level. The results of the examination, therapy plan, interactive homework, the possibility of appointments managing: thanks to RE-move, all this is now available in the mobile phones of our patients.”

Victor Rybka Orthopedic Traumatologist

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Viktir Rybka