Appointment Scheduling System

The appointment scheduling software helps you spend less time managing your schedule and focus your energy where it belongs – your patients. It’s intuitively designed with flexible views, online bookings, repeat appointments, and much more.

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Familiar and flexible


If you’re familiar with digital calendars like Apple’s iCal or Google Calendar, then you’ll find your way around re-move’s calendar in no time.

Switch between multiple views of your day, week and month.

Filter appointments by practitioner or patient.


Manage appointments and store important notes

Create, reschedule, or cancel an appointment just in a few clicks.


All assigned persons will be notified automatically.


Add to the appointment detail important notes or attachments. All files will be saved to the patient card directly.

create apppointment
appointment status
create apppointment 2

Give your clients an opportunity to manage appointments

Your patients will be automatically notified of forthcoming appointments.

At the same time, they can have the power to initiate or cancel their own appointments using a mobile app.

You will be notified of any appointment changes as well.

patient mobile apps

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